What's The Latest?

What's The Latest?

Visit to Billingsgate Market

Blog post by Zak

Sam and I (your friendly neighbourhood business relations apprentice Zak) arrived at the Market for an eye watering 05.50am!

We proceeded into the market with Liam and Sarah and once inside the market, we headed through the wide corridors of the upper floors which overlook the amazing market stalls. The walls were covered with mounted species of Fish, to sum it up something was “fishy” about the place. We were soon joined by another three apprentices and the Sous Chef from Grosvenor House who are Culinary Club members.
Two experts from the market advised us on the health and safety procedures and gave us to wear white over coats to cover our clothes. Now if you’re anything like me with warmth, you would have decided to leave your coat on underneath the over coat, potentially rendering yourself into a looking strange as you roamed the narrow paths of Billingsgate Market. The market was freezing so it all added to the experience of a frosty Tuesday Morning in January. The tour began with an insight to lobsters and clams of which the apprentices took notes on the different types and species, as well as the prices and any helpful information the market stalls could provide. The tour was going swimmingly (okay had to add one more in) as we were guided around by the experts and shown different aquatic species from as far as the Caribbean Ocean where sharks and large rainbow fish were being sold off for as much as £8 a Kilo.

The Market provided a busy and fast paced atmosphere with men who resembled luggage porters (but instead were porting around fish in white containers, not suitcases) constantly running around trying to finish the day, this was all added to the experience for the apprentices who really enjoyed the day. This busy atmosphere kept us moving from stall to stall to see the wonders that the sea produces to us and how quickly the market turns the fish around from sea to the table.

Overall the trip was a fun and exciting experience for all apprentices and adults alike with new information provided as well as a new insight into just how hard working Fishmongers are in the early hours of most mornings!

Zak Bentaleb
Umbrella Training- Business Relations and Digital Marketing Apprentice

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