The Umbrella Apprentice Exchange

Helping apprentices work, for you.

In these unprecedented times, where most colleagues are being asked to take unpaid leave, forced time away from work and in the worst-case scenario, lose their job altogether, we are trying to find ways to help wherever we can.

The Umbrella Apprentice Exchange is a network of likeminded hospitality businesses, working together to ensure that there are enough (and well trained) staff where needed, and on-job learning opportunities in various locations for all our apprentices.

In return for fair pay (and travel and accommodation costs if appropriate), we will source apprentices from organisations which have limited their workforce, to become available to work in your businesses.

Pending the approval of their employer, we can arrange for these apprentices to be available where and when required.

Working together we can ensure that apprentices are fully engaged in their programme, whilst solving short term staffing issues for all our business partners due to self-isolation or other mitigating facts.

If you have apprentices that you are concerned about keeping engaged or current vacancies that need filling fast, please contact us on:

Sam Coulstock FIH
07908 041 490

Download the flyer here: Umbrella Training Apprentice Exchange (002)

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