Purple Umbrella Awards 2019 – Apprentice of the Year

The Purple Umbrella Awards which is Umbrella Training’s Apprentice of the Year Award celebrates the success of the rising stars of the Hospitality industry.

The award recognises apprentices that have really stood out during their time within their Apprenticeship with Umbrella Training.  They may have achieved some fantastic feats in their work, or have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment that really added value to a company’s workforce or the production.

Entries are open to any Apprentice (that is undertaking an Apprenticeship with Umbrella Training, or has recently completed) employed within a hospitality company, and will recognise outstanding achievement, commitment, adding value to the Apprentice’s organisation, and personal development.

Shortlist Candidates

  1. Best Chef Apprentice
    Jorreina Zapatero
    Frederick Hisole
    Michael Chambers
    Oliver Hawkins
    Esther Smith
    Monika Soti
    Laura Hodge
    Joseph Pike
  2. Best Hospitality Team Member Apprentice
    Damian Szczotka
    Nelli Nemcsik
    Michelle Bertumen
    Marshall Bax
    Holly Langan
    Marianne Urbano
  3. Best Hospitality Supervisor Apprentice
    Dovile Pociute
    Aiste Vilcinskaite
    Andrea Attina
    Adriana Turkowska
    Adnana Pruteanu
    Elena Nitu
    Barbara Lucz
    Adrian Plesanu
  4. Best Hospitality Manager Apprentice
    Claire Felton
    Mandy Wickham
    Lee-Ann Carol Burdon
  5. Best Alumni Apprentice
    Announced on the evening
  6. Purple Umbrella Award 
    Announced on the evening

Judging Criteria

The award will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Outstanding achievement – quality of work
  • Commitment – good timekeeping and attitude
  • Adding value – the use of initiative to improve workplace processes and/or quality
  • Personal development – how the Apprentice has benefited from their training in terms of maturity and attitude

The Judges

An independent expert panel from hospitality, apprenticeships and training industry.

The overall winner will receive

  • Celebration Certificate
  • Be-spoke designed award to keep
  • £100 Amazon Gift Voucher
  • Framed A4 photo of the presentation to keep
  • Related PR
  • Seat on the judging panel for 2020

Press Opportunities

Umbrella will use every opportunity to promote its Apprentice of the Year on social media, websites and related PR.

Awards Evening – 8 March 2019

Hosted at Victoria Park Plaza Hotel on 8th March 2019, join us for an entertaining and inspiring evening with fellow hospitality professionals with Special Guest Brian Turner CBE

All shorted listed candidates get TWO free tickets and additional tickets can also be purchased.


A word from our sponsors, Innovate Awarding:




“With the largest reform taking place with Apprenticeships, partnership working has never been more crucial. Umbrella Training is playing a leading role within the hospitality sector by bringing together the community to help to foster new ideas and innovations to successfully deliver requirements for leading hospitality and service industry employers. 

Innovate Awarding recognises the importance of working together during this period and is proud to be a supporter of Umbrella Training.”


About Innovate Awarding

Innovate Awarding is an established Awarding Organisation and End-point Assessment organisation.  The world of End-point Assessment is new to us all and we believe in supporting employers through the entire EPA journey to best prepare apprentices for success.  We believe in no surprises when it comes to End-point Assessment.  Our Product Managers will support employers and providers through the journey, to ensure no surprises about the expectation for our assessments. We have innovative and bespoke solutions for assessment delivery based upon the best fit for the employer and the hospitality environment they work within. 

Everything we do supports our Brand values of Approachable, Efficient and Resourceful:


We come across as helpful

We show we understand

We respond to our clients’ needs


We are easy and straight forward to deal with

We make complex things clear

We ensure a No Surprises approach to our assessment expectations


We think like our clients

Whatever we do we do well

Our role is to support you in providing the best opportunity for your apprentices to be successful when they reach End-point Assessment and all our support and guidance and ways of working are driven by this. 

If you wish to find out further details of the standards we offer, see a sample of our materials or wish to meet with our Hospitality Product Manager please email Jessica.fowler@innovateawarding.org.

A word from our sponsors, EHAP:




Elite Hospitality Assessment Professionals (EHAP). EHAP is a unique hospitality community with a growing number of talented hospitality and management professionals who are qualified as Apprenticeship End Point Assessors (EPA’s).

All our EPA’s have been trained and qualified by our sister company Umbrella Training Ltd who are the apprenticeship experts for hospitality and with the highest achievement rates.

EHAP has been created to support our employer business partners in securing a solid ROI with their apprenticeship levy by allowing their heads of departments and managers to train and qualify as end point assessors.


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