Park Plaza Hotels Chef Apprentice in partnership with Umbrella Training by Michael Chambers

I grew up in South London did what most guys my age do got into trouble, didn’t fulfill my potential and missed opportunities. I was quite immature and care free with my lifestyle and attitude which lead me into serious trouble. Park Plaza Hotels looked past my circumstances and saw my potential and enthusiasm and gave me a chance, for that I’m really grateful for.

I wanted to learn at a place that I knew would teach me properly. You’re only as good as your teacher and I knew Park Plaza Hotels and Umbrella Training with the prestige and values that surround the name would be a great place for me to learn, so when the opportunity came I didn’t think twice.

Since joining Park Plaza Hotels in October 2017, I have learnt so much, too much to put into writing but apart from recipes and finding out that timing are probably the most important thing in catering food can be marvelous but if it’s late it isn’t worth it. I’ve seen personally what I’m able to do when I push myself I wouldn’t say I’m surprised because I’m a quite a confident person but I’m glad at what I’ve seen from myself. The support from Umbrella Training has been amazing and their structured learning journey has taken me to when I am today.

The fact it’s a journey, when I look at where I am now it’s like I’m in a tunnel but can see the light at the end there’s scope. To grow and I love the family feel of the company there’s so many avenues available at Park Plaza Hotels as a whole can’t wait to see where this journey leads me I’m excited.

I have changed as a person, I am more focused, I can see the bigger picture so I’m able to strive towards it just knowing that the future is bright makes all the difference when I’m having a tough day or working long hours I know why I’m doing it and it helps me to remain “in the zone” so to speak.

I expect to achieve as a apprentice at Park Plaza Hotels, growth both personal and professional. I don’t think I could ever be the same after this apprenticeship, it’s impossible professional and I have some targets that I would like to meet but I’m 100% sure I won’t be the same Michael that walked through those doors in October 2017.

In 3 years time I see myself with the company still trying to put my own particular brand of creativity into everything asked of me trying to do new things and making an positive impact in everything I do but most importantly I see myself still learning. I mean 3 years is nothing in catering it takes a lifetime to develop skills and techniques you never stop learning in this trade and I’m all for that I want to be the best Chef I could possibly be not putting any limits on myself.

Come and be part of the team at Park Plaza Hotels, it will be an memorable experience and one you will ‘Realise your growth potential’

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