Just over a year ago, a shy 17-year-old applied to join The Ritz London apprenticeship programme. Fast forward to today,  after 12 months of training, mentoring and support, Holly Langham has come away with an apprenticeship with a distinction-level grade. This is Holly’s story.

At 17, Holly was inspired to work at one of London’s finest hotels and applied to join to The Ritz London apprenticeship programme in partnership with elite apprenticeship training provider, Umbrella Training.  Holly was successful in her application because she showed passion, a willingness to learn and was keen to progress her career. She joined the housekeeping team at the hotel, where, under the watchful eye of her mentor, Holly grew in confidence, gained new skills, developed her knowledge base and improved her behaviours.

With the expert guidance from her Learning & Development Manager from Umbrella Training, Holly started working on her business improvement project which encompassed all that she had learned during the 12 months of training and skills development. Her project, to some, may have seemed simple – the introduction of cordless hoovers for the front of house areas – but it had a massive impact on the business.

Holly created a business case, looked at the return on investment and demonstrated the impact this would have on the team and guest experience.  Needless to say, the project was so inspired, the hotel decided to implement Holly’s proposal with immediate effect.

At the end point assessment, which involved multi-choice questions, workplace observation, presentation of her project and a professional discussion on all the areas of her apprenticeship, including skills, knowledge and behaviours for customers, business, people, first-line supervision and housekeeping, Holly was awarded a distinction. Holly said: “I am so proud to have achieved this level in my apprenticeship and I just want to thank everyone who helped me.”

We are all so proud with Holly’s grade, and we are looking forward to watching her career grow and grow in housekeeping and hospitality.  Well done Holly!

Umbrella Training are elite hospitality training experts, graded GOOD with outstanding elements by Ofsted (Nov 2018) and are able to help your business design and build bespoke apprenticeship programmes to meet your needs.

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