“If you don’t do something you enjoy or you’re happy with, than working for 35 to 40 years is kind of useless.”

That’s the view of Sara, 14, a pupil at Denbigh High school. Along with her classmate Imaan, she tried out a hospitality apprenticeship at Sopwell House Hotel in St Albans. The two students were challenged to spend a day there by former Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown, who used to be a secondary school teacher and now runs a pub with her brother.

In a special report for BBC Radio 5 Live, Candice said she was concerned that apprenticeships “are kind of frowned upon”, and she wanted to understand why more young people aren’t taking them up.

Government statistics show the numbers of people starting hospitality apprenticeships in England have almost halved since 2014. Hospitality is already facing a skills shortage.

Sam Coulstock is from Umbrella Training – the apprenticeship provider which works with Sopwell House Hotel to develop staff. He said they had an uphill struggle to counteract the “poor perceptions” about apprenticeships.

“We have got a lot of work to do to tell the positive stories of how you can move from novice up to expert level with the right employer and the right training support,” he said. “There is a lot of good information, there are some great case studies; it’s just getting that information in front of the right people at the right time.”

Read the full report here: BBC Radio 5 live – 5 Live Breakfast – GBBO’s Candice_ Why aren’t more young people choosing apprenticeships_

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