Charity of the Year

Umbrella Training are delighted to announce The Clink Charity as its annual charity of the year for 2017/18.

The Clink Charity’s sole aim is to reduce reoffending through the training and rehabilitation of prisoners. We work in partnership with HMPS to run various projects within prisons: Clink RestaurantsClink Events and Clink Gardens. All projects utilise our Five Step Programme to ensure that prisoners receive the support they need, not only while they are in prison, but also after release:
Recruit – Train – Support – Employ – Mentor

The issue of reoffending has become one of the most pressing challenges facing society today.

45.2% of adults reoffend within one year of being released. For those serving sentences of less than 12 months this increases to 57.5%.

It is now recognised that the record levels of inmates in prison is not helping to reduce crime.

The sole aim of The Clink Charity is to reduce reoffending rates of ex-offenders by training prisoners and placing graduates into employment in the hospitality and horticulture industries upon release.  Since launching, the charity has achieved incredible results. The latest statistics are currently being independently examined and will be published later this year.

Adele Oxberry FIH, Managing Director of Umbrella Training said ‘We are really excited about this partnership with The Clink, a charity that we have admired for a long time and one that we are looking forward to developing a meaningful relationship with over the coming 12 months’

Christopher Moore FIH, FRSPH, Chief Executive of The Clink Charity said “The Clink Charity is delighted to be chosen as the Charity of the Year by Umbrella Training. The funds raised will help The Clink Charity continue to change attitudes, transform lives and create second chances, whilst reducing reoffending and supporting an industry that has a major skills shortage”.

For more information on The Clink Charity, click here

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