The Apprenticeship Clubs are designed to provide support, off job training, learning activities and interactive meetings for our apprentices to help them achieve the apprenticeship.

It will allow you to develop new and interesting skills of which you can efficiently apply in your workplace and develop your own skill set from these experiences.
We pride ourselves in offering only the best, quality activities to our apprentices and will make sure every trip is as entertaining as the last!

So from us at Umbrella, we introduce you to our very own Apprenticeship Clubs.

We have the following clubs:
Culinary Club – For Chef Apprentices, Hospitality Team Member on F&B Service
Clever Clogs Club – For level 5 apprentices
Tidy Angels Club – For Housekeeping Team Members and Supervisors
Business Club – For Business Admin Apprentices
Customer Club – For all apprentices who handle customers


For Umbrella Training Apprentices – All Clubs are FREE

For Non – Umbrella Apprentices, Price Options below:
£40 per Club event
£175 for 1 years membership including 6 events (Saving £65 per year)


Upcoming Events

The Seafood School at Billingsgate

Date: June 25, 2020

Time: 10.00

Location: Billingsgate Market, Trafalgar Way, London E14

Culinary Club


Wake up, Rise and Shine it’s time for all things Fishy!

Why not join us for a masterclass in fish preparation and knife skills at the famous Billingsgate Fish Market.
Perfect your skills in in scaling, gutting, filleting and learn all the essential fish cuts for both round and flat fish types to aid you in your quest to become the best fish chef around.
Billingsgate Fish Market is well known in the trade, with repulatble suppliers of fish and Shellfish selling to the leading restaurants in London and the UK.
Each trading day at Billingsgate Market offers buyers an opportunity to see the largest selection of fish in the United Kingdom.
Daily arrivals from the coast and overseas ensure a continuity of fresh supplies and with some 40 merchants trading in close proximity in the Market Hall, competition is keen.

In addition to such a wide selection of fish and fish products, the Market offers buyers a comprehensive service with tenants dealing in cooking oils, potatoes,
trade sundries and specialist restaurant and catering supplies. If you wish to see the market in action then you would need to come early 6am! (please note this opportunity is not part of this months club).

Billingsgate Market Trafalgar Way London E14 25th June 2020 @10am. Nearest Tube Canary Wharf (Jubilee Line)

Limited availability, book now.

Carpigiani Gelato masterclass.

Date: July 29, 2020

Time: 10.00

Culinary Club


Move over Mr Whippy……let the true Gelato kings do their stuff.

Join us for a day of Gelato Culture at the UK branch of Gelato University Carpigiani. Carpigiani was founded in 1946 by the brothers Bruto and Poerio Carlo Carpigiani, after the success of the first automatic gelato machine, the Autogelatiera, in 1944.

Carpigiani Gelato University founded in 2003 and mission is to lay the basis for a world-wide gelato culture. Ice cream is not just one product. It provides a platform for making a huge variety of natural foods, with different ingredients and flavorings, depending on people’s tastes.

Whether you are already producing ice cream and are looking for new ideas, methods, techniques or ingredients or whether you are just curious about opening a gelato parlour or turning part of your business into this activity or simply creating a new menu offering, this culinary club will be very helpful in answering your questions whilst providng superior technical training.

Gelato Fact! Gelato and ice cream are NOT the same thing. Carpigiani Gelato University teaches how to make true Italian gelato, not ice cream. Gelato is less fat than ice cream, contains less air, and is served at a higher temperature; Consequently gelato has a richer flavour than ice cream.

Carpigiani Gelato University Park Royal London Unit A, Premier Park Abbey Road Park Royal London NW10 7NZ 29th July 2020 @ 10am.

Nearest Tube Stonebridge Park (Bakerloo Line).

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, book your place now!.


For Umbrella Training Apprentices – All Clubs are FREE

For Non – Umbrella Apprentices, Price Options below:
£40 per Club event
£175 for 1 years membership including 6 events (Saving £65 per year)


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